This is Steve Dodge, aka The Phlatt Rascal One-Man Band

Steve Dodge has been teaching music for decades. He holds both the Bachelor of Music and Master of Music Degrees in percussion performance from The Ohio State University School of Music. He has performed with a wide range of musicians, including Ric Ocasek, Brook Benton, The Moody Blues, John Lee Hooker, and The Columbus Symphony Orchestra.


“My son and I have been taking music lessons with Steve Dodge for a year and a half now.  I’m learning the bass and he’s learning guitar and drums. Steve Dodge teaches with rigor, but never fails to appreciate a good groove, chord sequence, or bass line, no matter how simple. Because of his extensive experience and his ability to expertly play multiple instruments he can accompany his students and provide a sense of how the instruments work together to create music.  His humor and style add to the joy of working with him!” Johanna Sellman, Faculty, The Ohio State University

“I have known Steve for over fifteen years… Steve imparts vast knowledge and experience in percussion practices and techniques… from immersion in rudimental snare work to the ambidextrous breach of the frontier of the symmetrical full kit.” Richard J. Donovan, LL.M.

“Accessible full-spectrum innovating and performing percussionist, as well as a teaching maestro.” Peter W. Bickel, OD